"Wheels Turning Inward" is a is a rich collection of over fifty poems, following a poet’s mythic and spiritual journey that crosses easily onto the paths of many contemplative traditions. The artwork at the top of this page, is one image found in the Gordon Moore Memorial stain glass window at Trinity Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas, by the artist Kim Clark Renteria. The image of these three circles, is emblematic of both the Trinity and the title for this new collection of poetry now available from Friesen Press.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Parousia (Divine Presence)

how do you imagine it may happen
will it come all at once, suddenly
as so many say,
with the echo of Gabriel’s trumpet sounding

through the ears of all humanity?
have you ever anticipated
what you may be doing, at the moment
when Christ comes again

or is the Parousia something else
altogether, a newness of the spirit
we have never thought of before
something we can envision

and embrace even now
beyond all expectation, surprising
in the soft gentleness of its coming
O Lord, I have often imagined

Christ’s Second Coming
as something more than we may begin
to comprehend in this weary world
a binding of the Incarnate Word to

our soft flesh and hard bone
the inner meaning of God’s
deeper Word opening up within
the most vulnerable places

of the human heart
as tenderly and as wholly as a rose opens
under the warmness of sunlight
Christ is the rose then

blooming with brightness
filling us up with a newer light
a revelation if you will
an enlightenment even, that

welcomes him as this Second Coming
O Christ, let the Advent
of thy Second Coming
come upon us all like a great brightness

opening our hearts to your Word
the Word made flesh, this is what
we find in the celebration of the
Eucharist, the Great Thanksgiving

where you come to dwell in each of us
and we in you, and we in you

Ron Starbuck
Copyright 2010