"Wheels Turning Inward" is a is a rich collection of over fifty poems, following a poet’s mythic and spiritual journey that crosses easily onto the paths of many contemplative traditions. The artwork at the top of this page, is one image found in the Gordon Moore Memorial stain glass window at Trinity Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas, by the artist Kim Clark Renteria. The image of these three circles, is emblematic of both the Trinity and the title for this new collection of poetry now available from Friesen Press.

News on the Book

As of September 13, 2010,  Wheels Turning Inward book distribution begins; the collection is now available on the Friesen Press online bookstore.  It is also available through other distribution networks, such as Amazon.com, plus Barnes & Noble.

Wheels Turning Inward is a gift of love to the many friends and family who have encouraged me to publish this book of poems.  This is in no way an attempt to commercialize the work, but rather a way to share them with more people and  give them something solid to hold in their hands.  It was a natural next step, and I imagine that if it does well, we will certainly share that blessing with others and the church as a whole.

Everyone should know that the royalties are significantly higher through Friesen Press than through the trade distribution channels, book distributors do take the lion's share. Friesen Press has been wonderful to work with, very supportive, I recommend them highly.

If you would like a copy of  Wheels Turning Inward, please consider ordering one directly through Friesen Press, where the poet in this case will earn about 50% royalty of the suggested retail price on both the softcover and hardcover edition.  While through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, the royalty is only 10% of the retail price.

Seriously, and humbly, I'm not expecting to see a lot of books ordered, this is poetry after all, and poetry has a limited market, nor am I a well known literary poet.  Who knows, people may be moved by the words found in this collection of poetry.  My hope is that the spirit will encourage people  to obtain a copy and that they in turn find a blessing in each poem.

In looking back, this has been a great experience, a learning experience, a wonderful journey with close friends and family.  The encouragement I so often received from my family and friends has been the better part of that journey.  Thank you again for believing in the potential of these poems to touch your lives, many lives, and help heal the world.  I hope you believe that, or come to believe that after reading some of the poems.

Ultimately, this collection of poems has to stand on its own merit, and I believe that most of them do.  I've been both humbled by and blessed by the creative  process of not only writing and sharing these poems, but also by how it has help to shape the relationship that I have with so many of you and with God, who I see as the ultimate truth, the ground and core of our being. 


Ron Starbuck

Houston, Texas


Direct Distribution Channel Pricing (FriesenPress online bookstore):
Paperback Format: $11.95
Hardcover Format: $25.95

Trade Distribution Channel Pricing:
Paperback Format: $13.50
Hardcover Format: $27.50
eBook Format: $8.98


978-1-77067-112-6 (Hardcover)
978-1-77067-113-3 (Paperback)
978-1-77067-114-0 (eBook)